Sensei George Christodoulides
5th Dan WSKF
Chief Instructor and Founder of
Axios SKC
B Licence Instructor, Examiner
(up to 1st Dan black belt level)
and Referee/Judge
Sensei George was born in Ghana of Greek Cypriot parents in 1961 and first came to England in 1975 to study. Since the age of 12 he started training in karate as well as other martial arts including judo, wing chun and kendo/iaido. Sensei George continued with Shotokan karate and has now been teaching it for over 30 years.
He joined the JKA/KUGB in 1982 and studied under Senseis Enoeda (9th Dan), Kawazoe (8th Dan) and Ohta (7th Dan). He competed at regional and national level for a number of years.
In 2014 Sensei George left the JKA and joined WSKF to train under Kasuya Sensei (8th Dan) and Mitsuoka Sensei (8th Dan).
Sensei George is a passionate teacher and it gives him great satisfaction to observe how his students over the years have benefited from karate in terms of ability, confidence and maturity. 

Sensei Rangan Ravindran
4th Dan WSKF
Assistant Instructor
Axios SKC, Esher
C Licence Instructor, Examiner
(up to 1st Kyu brown belt) and Referee/Judge
Sensei Rangan started formal training in Fudochi Shotokan karate under Sensei Rick Jackson in 1996 at the University of Leicester, with whom he undertook all his gradings.  
Sensei Rangan has also trained in various other martial arts for over 30 years including judo, muay thai, goju-ryu karate, western boxing and muto-ryu iaido (Japanese swordsmanship) for 14 years, which he still practises.
Sensei Rangan has competed at national levels in karate and for the Northern England region in judo.  He has over 10 years of karate teaching experience at the University of Leicester. 
He started training with Sensei George in 2014 and has been an assistant instructor since then.
Sensei Daryl Goodrich
3rd Dan WSKF
Assistant Instructor
Axios SKC, Esher and Chertsey
D Licence Instructor and Referee
Sensei Daryl's karate journey began in 1986 with the Yorkshire based club practising Shukokai under Sensei Jeff Bottomley, 7th Dan.  After moving away from Yorkshire to focus on studies and career, Sensei Daryl was unable to continue practising.
Over 20 years later the desire to once again pick up karate and complete a personal ambition to achieve Shodan (1st Dan), led to Sensei Daryl meeting Sensei George in 2010.
Under Sensei George he obtained his Shodan (1st  Dan) with the JKA in 2013. He achieved both his Nidan (2nd Dan) in 2015 and Sandan (3rd Dan) in 2019 with the WSKF.
Sensei Daryl is currently an assistant instructor with Axios SKC, based mostly at the Esher and Chertsey dojos.

Sensei Avikar Roy Chowdhury
2nd Dan WSKF
Assistant Instructor
Axios SKC, Hounslow
D Licence Instructor
Sensei Avikar started his Karate journey under the guidance of Sensei George in 2011.  He joined the Hounslow dojo and has over the years cross-trained in the other Axios clubs.  This has given him the chance to not only to train with and learn from Sensei George, but also from the other competent senseis of the club. 
Sensei Avikar has always found the mental and spiritual aspect of karate more intriguing that its physical aspect.
In 2015 he achieved the rank of Shodan (1st Dan) and later in 2019 obtained Nidan (2nd Dan).