Gradings and Karate Belt System

All members are entitled to take grading examinations after set periods of training.  Gradings are conducted by senior WSKF examiners. It is recommended that students train twice a week in order to be able to grade on a three-monthly basis. 

The instructor will assess all students individually to ascertain whether they have reached the required standard to grade.  On average it takes 3-5 years to achieve black belt 1st Dan.


There are 9 colour grades (Kyu) and 9 levels of black belt (Dan) listed as follows:

white                    10th Kyu      novice

orange                   9th Kyu       min. 3 + months training

red                         8th Kyu       min. 3 + months training

yellow                    7th Kyu       min. 3 + months training

green                     6th Kyu       min. 3 + months training

purple                    5th Kyu       min. 3 + months training

purple/white          4th Kyu       min. 3 + months training

brown                    3rd Kyu       min. 6 + months training

brown/two-white   2nd Kyu      min. 6 + months training

brown/white           1st Kyu      min. 6 + months training

black belt              1st Dan       min. 1 + years training

black belt              2nd Dan      min. 2 + years training

black belt              3rd Dan       min. 3 + years training

black belt              4th Dan       min. 4 + years training

black belt              5th Dan       min. 5 + years training

black belt              6th Dan       min. 6 + years training

black belt              7th Dan       min. 7+ years training

black belt              8th Dan       min. 8 + years training

black belt              9th Dan       min. 9 + years training

All members of Axios SKC need to join WSKF England in order to receive their grading licence and indemnity insurance. Without this they will not be allowed to train or grade.