Club Etiquette and Rules

  •  Bow on entering and leaving the Dojo

  • Address any instructor as "Sensei" whilst in the Dojo

  • The term "Oss" is a sign of respect, used generally in Karate, especially upon receiving any advice or command from an instructor or examiner, when bowing at the start and finish of a class and when bowing to your partner during Kumite (sparring)

  • Any member arriving late must kneel at the back of the Dojo and await permission from the instructor before joining the class.   On receiving permission, bow and then join the class.

  • Finger and toe nails must be kept clean and short

  • Gis (karate suits) must be kept clean and ironed.

  • Jewellery must not be worn during training

  • Members must not swear, chew, spit or commit any other act likely to offend

  • Members must not use their skills in any offensive way outside the Dojo.


 Dojo Code

  • Exert oneself in the perfection of character

  • Be faithful and sincere

  • Cultivate the spirit of perseverence

  • Respect propriety

  • Refrain from impetuous and violent behaviour

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