About Us

Welcome to Axios Shotokan Karate Centre.  We run three open clubs in Esher, Chertsey and Hounslow and one private club at a school in Ascot.  Our members range from six to sixty in age and come from various backgrounds and parts of the world.
Our Chief Instructor is Sensei George Christodoulides, 5th Dan WSKF.  Sensei George has over 25 years of experience teaching karate and as you will discover, is very passionate about the art!  It gives him great satisfaction to observe how his students have benefited from what karate has to offer over the years.  Not only in terms of fitness and agility, and by learning a means of self-protection, but also by increased self-discipline, self-confidence as well as focus and control.  
Sensei George is assisted by three Assistant Instructors: Senseis Rangan, Daryl and Avikar.  All instructors have full liability insurance, CRB disclosure and current lifesaver qualifications.
The style of karate that we practice is Shotokan one of the traditional styles of Japanese karate.  It is practised as a martial art and not as a sport, although competition is offered at national and international level as a means of personal challenge.  Shotokan karate adheres to the old Japanese etiquette, traditions and principles that have existed for hundreds of years.  It take perseverence and discipline to master the techniques, but once learned and practised regularly, they will remain with you for the rest of your life.